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Title: Feelings.
Author: lilithrain
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Lancelot, and others to be listed later.
Disclaimer: Characters are reproductions of BBC reproductions of characters from Arthurian legend.
Warnings: AU- modern setting, angst, humour, fluff.
Summary: It had been some time since Merlin had been back on his own shores. He wasn’t there yet, but he would be. Things had quietened down with the case, though no one had got complacent with it. It was just, time for him to go home. He was now well enough to travel and home he was bound.
Notes: Merlin got sick on holidays and throughout his stay in that country, he experienced and learnt a lot of things. Arthur being one of them. There are lots of fluffy moments in thsi and a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, plus a whole lote more.

Ratings: PG to NC-17 in parts. Chapters are labled.

Feelings Masterlist:
New chapters 23 to 25:

Soon, Merlin is going to be going home, then Arthur is going to be kept to that promise. Comments welcome and ♥ed.

Blessed Be
Tags: contributor: lilithrain, era: canon, fanfiction, fanfiction: wip, rating: pg-13, ship: arthur/merlin
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